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We are proud to present our new up-cycling project

Pile of embroidered vintage fabrics.

This project gives a second life to emotionally significant textiles, tablecloths, or other home linens by turning them into one-of-a-kind garments made just for you.

How many times have you found yourself looking at beautiful textiles, linens, and curtains, that you have inherited from your relatives without knowing what to do with them? Usually, they remain untouched, unused, or just kept in drawers and closets.

Now you have the chance to give them new meaning by trasforming them into something you wear that reminds you of your loved ones.

Enter in our Regeneration section and choose from a selection of existing styles, fill out our measurement form to identify the size, and ship the cloth you want to utilize by mail.

Hand of a Little Sartoria taylor expert cutting a vintage embroidered textile.

Once your shipment arrives, and your payment is processed, the making process begins.

After our expert taylors have trasformed your fabric, your new, one-of-a-kind, made-for garment will be shipped out (typically within 10-15 days).

Our project offers you a wonderful opportunity to continue the legacy of something pre-owned, gifted, inherited, or found and enjoy it in a new form.

Little Sartoria Regeneration's team preparing the sending of your one-o-a-kind, made for garment.

Images kindly by Katerina Grosheva, Michael Burrows, Ron Lach